Some of the services we offer

We offer a wide range of services listed below is a few services we offer but are not limited to, its alway best to contact us for a free quotation to see how we could help with your leather enquiry.

Leather Cleaning
Colour Loss
Frame Damage
Bag Repairs
Coat Repairs
Colour Changes

Our team offer a mobile on site repair service, offering a onsite service we are able to keep our repairs costs down by not having to use two men to collect and delivery your furniture.  The furniture stays in your home so you have no worries of it being left in a workshop for days or weeks not knowing whats going on.  The furniture is worked on there and then in your home for you to view and ask questions.

For a free online quotation please us the contact us form located on the website giving us as much information as possible, our team will advise the best repair method and how we can help you save your leather, if your budget is tight we can advise diy leather repair kits which can help you get by until you are in the position for a professional repair.

We offer the highest level of service in the area, after all repairs we advise how to maintain and look after your leather to keep your leather good for many years to come.  It is very important to maintain your leather and keep it cleaned and protection creamed.

Leather Repair
Leather Cleaning
Car Upholstery
Leather Repair Nottingham

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