Leather Repair Tips and Facts

Leather Repair Tips & Facts, Most leather damage can be restored to a like new condition. Whether you do this yourself or hire a professional, the system remains the same.

Prepare The Surface

Surface preparation is the key. Without this, any repair is destined to fail. Thoroughly clean the area to be restored then dry well. This will enable the best adhesion for the dye and repair

Match The Colour

The first step is to accurately match the colour of the item being repaired. Then blend the colour into the surrounding area to make your repair invisible or at least much less noticeable. Mix any dyes well to ensure a uniform colour.

Apply in Thin Coats

Your repair compound should always be applied in thin even coats. Let each coat dry completely before re applying. 3 or 4 coats may be required for a strong repair.

Apply A Top Coat

Try to match the gloss of the original by choosing the correct top coat. Again apply light thin coats.


After a couple of days, apply a leather protector to the whole item. This will help to prolong the life of the repair and the item itself.

Four Magic Steps

Knowledge – Preparation – Patience – Practice

Super Glue

Seams can often be repaired with Super Glue. Give it a try for a quick easy fix.

Use A Professional

If you are unsure, or you want a first class repair, give us a call. Our low prices and expert knowledge means that you get your leather or PVC item back to its full glory in no time.

Some of the problems we can repair are:

Sofas Cleaning Seat and Panel Replacement Restoration Scuffs Scratches Holes Rips Stains Fading All work is carried out by fully trained specialists, and backed by our comprehensive guarantee. Call or email today to discuss your requirements.

Contact us for a professional service, by using the worlds leading cleaning and restoration products you can be sure of a long lasting repair.

Leather Repair Tips & Facts, by keeping your leather cleaned and applying a protection cream will help protect your leather from the every day problems of leather peeling, scuffs and scratches, wear and tear.  The small price you pay for a leather cleaning kit can save you £100’s in the years to come, like everything maintenance is always cheaper than a fix.

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    Leather Repair Tips & Facts
    Leather Repair Tips & Facts
    Leather Repair Tips & Facts

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