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Leather Cleaning

Many people will spend money having their carpets cleaned at home on a regular basis, but despite the fact that their leather furniture costs as much, if not more than the carpets, the don’t think to get the leather cleaned regularly too.

Regular leather cleaning and conditioning will help to prolong the life and condition of your furniture indefinitely, and prevent the leather from rotting. Over time, the leather sealer on your furniture breaks down and wears away, exposing the leather to daily wear and tear, harmful acid, oil and body sweat. It is also exposed to mold and diseases which will significantly shorten the life of your expensive leather furniture.

Why not contact us today, so we can give you a free estimate, and arrange to professionally clean and seal your leather at an affordable price. We will come to your home, and you will be surprised and amazed at the result.


It’s a surprising fact that most people are unaware that all leather is coloured. So because of that, it is an easy process to re-colour any leather items, such as sofa’s, car seats, bags etc.

Why then would anyone want to re-colour their leather items? Well for instance it could be badly worn, stained or even faded, if this is the case, have it re-coloured brings it back to a new like condition.

It is like having a new item but for a fraction of the cost. You get guaranteed results in any colour you can imagine. And the process will prolong the life of your leather and is fully guaranteed. Call or email us today for more information.



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