Equine Repairs
Equine Repairs

Equine Repairs onsite by Leather Repairs Nottingham if  you take care of your leather tack, it can last almost indefinitely. Leather ages, that’s a fact, and the ageing process causes the leather to lose its natural moisture, fats and oils.

Leather Repair Nottingham can help you care for and repair your clothing, boots and riding tack. By replenishing the oils in your saddles, you can prolong its life, keep it healthy and supple, while allowing it to breathe correctly.

If your saddle or tack is damaged, worn or in need of equine repairs, we can take care of that for you, and then supply you with the necessary materials to keep your leather in the best of shape for years to come.

Saddles, bridles and riding equipment are all expensive items, and by maintaining it properly you will help to keep it’s value and prolong its life. We are able to repair stitching, fading, rips and scratches, remove grime and dirt, and restore to it’s former glory.
Let Leather Repairs Nottingham keep your Equine Repairs under one roof and use our services, fully mobile on call does it all, drop us a enquire with the leather problem you are facing with your leather or the services you require and a member of our team will supply a free online quotation to undertake the desired work.
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